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No Lead Left Behind

We can read behaviors and repeated cycles that absolutely make marketing differences. Data doesn't lie!

You will pay for the lead directly from the source and therefore you are NOT sharing your leads with your competitors.

Leads Xclusive tracks performance of Ads and Campaigns all day, every day which is how we remain hyper focused on your campaigns success.

We have an entire company dedicated to you and your teams.

We are driven by your success.

Larger Dealers

  • Robust CRM
    We'll integrate leads into it.
  • Higher Conversion Rates
    Leads will convert at a higher rate! Plus, we are always there to help if needed.
  • Solid Website Design with Marketing Assets
    We'll capitalize on what they have and/or build custom campaigns leveraging their branding.
Get The Unfair Advantage

Smaller Dealers

  • No CRM
    Leads sent real-time by worksheet, call, text and eMail.
  • No Inside Sales or Skilled Appointment Setters
    No problem! For a nominal charge, we'll set the appointment for you.
  • No Website or Marketing Assets
    Again, no problem! For a nominal charge we'll create customized landing pages leveraging marketing assets for targeted markets.


    We measure the performance of each campaign to help you grow
    Our clients experience higher closing rates
    More conversions mean more opportunities for Sales
    Leads Xclusive to you!
    Hyper-Focused, High Quality Leads, historically increase ROI.
    More sales bring growth, expansion and security.


  • We Create the Lead Campaign, ad copy and call-to-action
    We are very familiar with your industry and which campaigns work. We manage them daily, every day, No setting and forgetting.
  • No Shared Leads
    We do not share your leads with anyone else, ever. They are yours!
  • You Own All The Assets
    You own all the work done, ads, creative, etc.
  • We Integrate the Leads Directly into Your CRM in Real-Time.
    This gives you Speed-to-Lead. This is the Secret Sauce.
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    “I love internet leads!” said probably nobody, ever. But there’s a reason why large corporations are moving towards third party lead gen & centralized sales teams working internet leads. It’s the most scalable method for efficiently driving sales with repeatable results. And it’s not for everyone.